My Team

This website is a collection of thoughts, and this website is long overdue. I am an avid writer and a dying reader, who loves music, movies and almost everything pop-culture. These are images that came with this WordPress Theme. It's been some time since I started using this theme, and now I'm attached to these stock photos. I imagine that they are part of my team, who handle all the activities in my company, FananaFry. The company is still in a very nascent stage, because we haven't really figured what we have that we can sell. Anyway, meet my lovely team. They're the reason why all the content in the home page looks wobbly and may even trigger OCD (OCD is a serious disease and we must not make jokes about it. You probably do not have OCD and these images won't distress you. So just carry on, okay? Insensitive fellow).

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Regan knows her shit. She's a strong woman whose immediate response to mansplaining is a facepalm. (Her palm in their faces)



Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric is a beautiful soul who is always open to new ideas. He is next in line for CEO, and secretly wishes that Regan dies.


Timothy Barrett


Timothy was once an equalist. Later, he opened a dictionary
and became a feminist.


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