21 Days of a National Lockdown: Day1/21

So India is locked down for 21 days, to fight the Corona virus.

In general everyone is freaking out. I’m safe, secure and privileged, but I’m freaking out. The uncertainty is nothing short of maddening. A quick run through my hair, and I have a ton of strands in between my fingers.

We shouldn’t go out, except for ‘essentials.’ For now, ‘essentials’ means vegetables and biscuits. But my anxious monkey brain doesn’t stop thinking about ‘essentials’ can also mean getting seriously sick and having to go to the hospital in a city without friends or family.

I’m in Chennai with B. We’re literally spending every moment of our day together – which is new. I’m not new to remote work, but I definitely am new to working remotely with B.

Cooking all meals is also very, very new to me.

One of B’s roommates is also around, so we cook together. The cook calls, but the domestic help doesn’t – we could really use help with that.

I guess I’ve always failed at 21day challenges lately because I have such high expectations of myself. So this time I’ll just let myself be. The whole world’s slowed down (ah well kinda), your blogging can, too.

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