On the Big Deal About Vacations

Seriously, what is the big deal about getaways?

Ok. It’s not visiting new places that I hate – it’s the part where people ‘take a break’ and ‘recharge’ by visiting a new place for, like, 7 days.

So you spent a lot of money, requested leaves in advance, probably took a visa, asked all your friends for suggestions and turned the internet upside down with your research,  planned a detailed itinerary, travelled to a new place, saw all the places, got carsick/airsick/homesick/sick on the way, and came back physically and mentally drained, only to think, ‘Oh wait. I have to get back to life now’


Why wouldn’t you use that time and energy to simply improve your daily life?

What is the point of running away from real life, escaping to a foreign wonderland for respite…… and then coming right back to it all? I really cannot see the point.

My life is not a getaway or a week in some foreign city. Yes, it’s nice to travel, but that is not life (unless you’re, I dunno, Nas Daily). My life is in the now, in my bed, tired and sluggish, with my partner beside me watching the latest season of Narcos on Netflix. And this is what I choose to focus on – on making my days better, on my cooking, on my work, on my reading, on not having to think ‘I don’t want to get back to real life’.

I don’t want to live my life from getaway to getaway, and disengage with all the real things that happen in between.

PS: I know this is a very sensitive topic, especially when it’s the age of wanderlust and digital nomads and “travel is my therapy,” but people should stop using travelling as an escape mechanism to get away from real life. It’s a privilege to be able to travel at all, and visiting a place just because it may help you feel better may not be the best idea.

PPS: On second thought, this goes for practically any hobby. Why watch so many YouTube videos to escape life, when I can actually use that time to do something good? Hmmmm.

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