Day 8/21: Productivity in Lockdowns

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Just realised that I can barely blog once per week. A lockdown eliminates your commute time.But it increases the time you cook and clean. Chores make up most of my time these days. Instead of office chechi making me my tea, I make a weird filter coffee for myself, and even though it doesn’t taste good, it feels good. Instead of making a call to get the room cleaned, we do it together. Been getting my hands dirty (quite literally), and I don’t mind it, because I thrive on productivity. The last year or so, I’ve been trying to come to terms with this. I know I am not alone in this. A lot of us feel horrible when we ‘waste a weekend’ or ‘didn’t do any work today’ I’ve stopped fighting the need to ‘correct’ myself out of this addiction. I’m just trying to get by, and judge myself […]

21 Days of a National Lockdown: Day1/21

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So India is locked down for 21 days, to fight the Corona virus. In general everyone is freaking out. I’m safe, secure and privileged, but I’m freaking out. The uncertainty is nothing short of maddening. A quick run through my hair, and I have a ton of strands in between my fingers. We shouldn’t go out, except for ‘essentials.’ For now, ‘essentials’ means vegetables and biscuits. But my anxious monkey brain doesn’t stop thinking about ‘essentials’ can also mean getting seriously sick and having to go to the hospital in a city without friends or family. I’m in Chennai with B. We’re literally spending every moment of our day together – which is new. I’m not new to remote work, but I definitely am new to working remotely with B. Cooking all meals is also very, very new to me. One of B’s roommates is also around, so we cook […]

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28 Pieces of Really Lousy Advice on my 28th Birthday

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As I turn 28, I have great words of wisdom for my younger ones about how to maintain a good life while being entirely hateful towards yourself. Don’t waste time cooking. It’s called fast food for a reason – it saves time. If you’re not thirsty, you don’t need to drink water. Unless you contract a UTI. Stay in toxic relationships. Unless you get cancer. That’s a good excuse and people sympathise with you more. Leave your busy friends alone. You’ll have plenty of time when you retire and check in to the same retirement home woohoo Never visit the dentist. They are just glorified doctors anyway. Assign your self worth to milestones in life like getting promotions, closing deals, and passing exams. Always be available for others, no matter what. From random acquaintances to parents, everyone should be prioritised over yourself. Pay for a gym membership and never go. […]

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Game of Thrones, A Difficult Farewell

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Saying goodbye to Game of Thrones means saying goodbye to: 20 year old you that started watching this show trying to escape exam anxiety overdone 9gag memes about Sean Bean dying all the time a best friend who couldn’t watch S04E02 with you, but left love notes and chocolates, encouraging you to watch it alone (if that’s not love, what is?) comically unsuccessful plans to watch the season premiere with your long distance friends (side effect: contracting chicken pox on the day of S06E01) frantic messages on Monday mornings “did you see it” “do you have it” “can you give it” “is it good? don’t tell me anything pls” a considerable chunk of your 20s your hopes of a Breaking Badesque finale as a reward to your loyalty To fellow fans, we came for the sex scenes, stayed for the plot. We wanted Jaime dead, and then we fell in […]