Why do B.Tech Courses Need Seminars?

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I once interviewed as a Technical Writer for a startup in Kerala – I was just 1 job old, and very nervous. As you might have understood already, this job doesn’t require one to have a B.Tech degree, and, like most people in India, I was also an accidental ‘engineer’. (This word is highly misused. Passing Degree != Being Engineer) So this interview panel consisted of three men. The first part of the interview went really well – I had decent work experience and could answer all their questions. However, the interview went really, really long, and as is the case of long interviews, it went haywire. I think they ran out of questions after a point, as it was probably the first time they were interviewing a tech writer. They started asking me about the thing I knew least – Electronics and Communication. I was flustered. There I was, explaining […]


How to Hack Your Will Power

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My Story with Will Power My whole life, I’d been a couch potato who watched/read multiple movies/books per day. We never had sports in school because of sexist school rules (long story for later), and college was more or less the same. I followed this lifestyle as a working woman too. Owing to work and general laziness, I had been eating restaurant food almost every other day. Until a few months back, when I joined the gym. Within a few weeks, I was eating clean continuously for a few days at a time! (WHAT).  Not one sugary or junk food for a few whole days. What the actual fuck?! Was this actually me?! After much deep thought, I came to this genius conclusion: I was so into my work out routine that I didn’t want to set myself back by eating junk. It was all me! “It is all my hard work at the […]

The Making of a Daily Writer

The Making of a Daily Writer

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I got my dental sutures removed today. There’s some extra space in my mouth, owing to two wisdom teeth taken out. But that’s not why I’m writing today. I’m writing because I watched a YouTube video. I watched that video with a certain amount of expectation. Within four minutes, it blew away all those expectations. I held my breath, paused the video, dropped a happy tear, and ran to B, to ask him watch it too. I assume you know what vlogging is. Casey Neistat rules vlogging. I have watched his videos once or twice in the last couple of years, was never a fan. But it was just last month, after MKBHD – a guy who normally just reviews cool gadgets – reviewed Casey Neistat’s studio. That video had me floored – I became a fangirl, B became a fanboy, we obsessively watched his videos, and I subsequently put up his […]

day 17/21: superlate

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Last night I watched a godawful movie and got home only by 0200. Today, I had this mildly important project to finish up, for which I was working all day yesterday, and guess what I do? I oversleep till 1030. Anyway, it’s 1440, work’s almost done and I’m not dying of guilt, so it’s a good day after all.