Sickness and Health.

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Find something you love and let it sicken you. Like a restaurant? Go there until you never wanna go there. Like a song? Listen to it until the lyrics become gibberish. Like a person? Hang out with them so much, SO MUCH, that every adorable thing about them turns plain-water-normal. Love this food? Make it, buy it, eat it until it turns chor-and-curd-normal. No feeling guilty. No saving it for later. No telling yourself ‘But I went to the beach last week. It won’t be fun today. I wanna try something new and then go back to the beach.’ Why miss the chance? Let the beauty of pristine love engulf you. Overkill. That’s the way to go.. Right now, I plan to get sick of godhamb dosa and Mandy by Barry Manilow. I don’t know when it’s gonna happen. But it will. That’s the idea – find something that you WANT […]


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Dammit it’s writer’s block again. Not that I ever wrote any proper shit anyway, but I still tried, didn’t I? If I wasn’t a paranoid party pooper, I would’ve written all about my new life in a new city. (But you’re obviously an obsessed stalker. I accept you, please don’t kill me) Let me just say that I’m not jobless anymore. I have a ‘job’ that pays enough for me to pay rent and eat. Umma, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to feed my account this month. I just realized that my favourite thing to do in the world is stay up late and type loads and loads of crap. And delete most of it.


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I have been craaaaaaazy-busy the past few weeks. Doing what, you ask? Procrastinating. Watching Breaking Bad (which deserves a whole post to itself). Doing nothing about having to move out of my house. Doing nothing about having to move my blog to my new domain : *drumrolls* [You get it, you get it?] Stalking people on Facebook. Being blissfully ignorant about the goings-on(rather the lack of it) on my wordpress account. Listening to : Bryan Adams (One day I’ll make it to your concert. Till then, please don’t retire.), and Kumar Sanu (You’re too young to read this blog if you don’t know who he is), and Michael Jackson + MG Sreekumar(not a fan of either, but I absolutely love these Thaikkudam Bridge covers). and Spice Girls (My power stop. I still know all the lyrics. Isn’t it ironic that Victoria Beckham is the least important/interesting person in such a happening video as […]

150, yo!

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Well hello, everyone. So, my previous post got 150 shares on Facebook, which is a number that I am NOT used to! (And only 5 of those are my friends, okay? Okay? Okay?) I promise I’ll give you deets about all my meetings with Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber and Dhanush and PSY. Thanks for giving me so much attention for copy-pasting a bunch of URLs. Youguys are cool. As they say, a GIF speaks a thousand to the power of thousand words. I’m so tempted to put a reaction GIF right here, but wouldn’t that be overkill?

My academic life in GIFs

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I hold a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Here’s how it happened. 1. Every evening,after class.     2.Every day, during class.   3. When someone tries to tell you that gpa doesn’t matter.    4. By the end of the semester, you realize :    5. Timetable’s out : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.   6. When someone reminds you about the Uni exams during study holidays.    7. Yet you somehow manage to sit to study, but after 10 minutes :   8. So you make a study group.   9. Someone agrees to teach you that Part-B “sure question.”   10. When an exam gets postponed, because of some Athletic Meet you haven’t even heard of.   11. When an exam does not get postponed even though you heard of some Athletic Meet which clashed with the exam dates.     12. The day before […]

I've done my sentence, but committed no crime

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Yet another feel good, coming of age teen movie,about a bunch of kids who graduate from high school. Im 21 and I’ve reached the next level – graduation of college. And I feel no contrast between them and me. #SameGuy Still confused, still young, still optimistic and very, very expectant. Right now I have this not-so-sudden realization about the wastage of 4 whole years, and the very-sudden realization that I’ve changed so.very.much from the day I walked into these red/pink/redpink buildings in 2009. I will not miss this place. I don’t look down upon or disrespect fellow beings who feel differently either. I don’t want to delve into details about the useless stuff that I did, or the hobbies that I stopped indulging in, or about the friends I made, the friends I wish studied with me, the times I laughed, the amount of coffee I drank in 2nd year […]

Breaking up with books.

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I came across this interesting piece of news today : Fifty Shades of Grey and JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy are all too putdownable A sudden whiff of deja vu. 1.The Lord of The Rings  I was 13. There were far too many words for me to look up in the dictionary and take note of in my new-words-notebook(where is it now, btw?). I kept falling asleep. Didn’t feel it was worth it. Gaaaaaaaaaasp? Shut up. During my first year of engineering, I bought a copy of LoTR from a second-hand shop in Palayam, and started over, but I lost one half of the book somewhere. Yes I’m cheap enough to buy old dilapidated copies of classics. 2. Atlas Shrugged I will only say that I tried. Can someone motivate me enough to make me start reading this book which is supposed to be the greatest book evarr? 3. Casual Vacancy […]