Breaking up with books.

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I came across this interesting piece of news today : Fifty Shades of Grey and JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy are all too putdownable A sudden whiff of deja vu. 1.The Lord of The Rings  I was 13. There were far too many words for me to look up in the dictionary and take note of in my new-words-notebook(where is it now, btw?). I kept falling asleep. Didn’t feel it was worth it. Gaaaaaaaaaasp? Shut up. During my first year of engineering, I bought a copy of LoTR from a second-hand shop in Palayam, and started over, but I lost one half of the book somewhere. Yes I’m cheap enough to buy old dilapidated copies of classics. 2. Atlas Shrugged I will only say that I tried. Can someone motivate me enough to make me start reading this book which is supposed to be the greatest book evarr? 3. Casual Vacancy […]

Of spellings and mistakes.

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Frn. That’s how my 5-year-old nephew spells my name. He hasn’t yet understood the concept of vowels. When I was his age, his mother (my sister), fed me lunch, told me stories, and taught me the alphabet. In return, I borrowed, without permission of course, the contents of her Oxford instrument box. Gave her a nice surprise during Maths period, I’m sure. I also poured my thoughts (read : scribbled from end to end without taking the pencil off the paper, hence forming a seamless and abstract work of art) in her record book. I’m making up to her by taking care of her two boys. The 5yo that I mentioned earlier and another one who’s turning 3 this week. They keep me busy every minute of every day they’re at my place. Fair warning : I am obsessed with my three nephews(there’s another one that I haven’t mentioned here) […]