a library in the background. the foreground text reads: Day 3/21: No Shame on Your Trash

Day 3/21: No Shame On Your Trash

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Day 3 was better than day 2. Hmmm. I drank a lot of water, I woke up on time, I completed way more work than intended, and I also reached home and made enough time for a walk AND a podcast.  So I’ve lately been listening to the Slate Audio Book Club Podcast, which as the name suggests, is a podcast that discusses one book per 40-50 minute episode. So today, I was listening to their take on The Girl on The Train – a novel by Paula Hawkins,  and New York Times Best Seller, and described as #Unputdownable by yours truly. So here’s my opinion: I absolutely loved the book. Full disclosure, I have this habit of liking any book with female protagonists. (I really can’t remember a good female protagonist of any book I read growing up) That being said, this book has such a gripping plot that […]

Day 2/21: Need for Sleep

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Woke up a little late. But I managed to catch up with the day. Had this conversation with Ar about Sex and the City, and how it probably pioneered female centric movies that dealt with their friendships and relationships (which are still so few in the world), and men who are always one foot out of the frame. Both of us based our opinions on the movies, and not the TV shows, so we could be wrong. Did Carrie Bradshaw own too many things? Would you hold that against her? Let me know. Work was heavy, with little time to finish what I wanted. The day was littered with long, taxing meetings, which eventually ate up into the time I’d left for a walk. It’s during my walk that I listen to podcasts – Day 2 was harder/more tiring than day 1 (obviously)

image of an aged book and pen, with the title: 'day 1/21: a kickstart to productivity'

Day 1/21: A Kickstart to Productivity

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With the raging success of my 21DaysofMornings, I thought I’d restart this series. To the uninitiated, here’s a recap: So you know what they say – do something for 21 days straight and it becomes a habit? Well I tried that with waking up early, and it kinda sorta worked. It’s November 2017, and I don’t oversleep anymore. So this time, I thought of restarting it with the aim of becoming more productive every day. My goal? To make each day as productive as possible. For the purposes of this experiment, I’ll define ‘productivity’ as : doing things and having something to show for it. So for instance, if it’s related to work, I’m not productive if I just sit and research something. I need some sort of update for my team – like a presentation, or an e-mail, or just a message. If it’s related to hobbies, I’m not […]

The Making of a Daily Writer

The Making of a Daily Writer

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I got my dental sutures removed today. There’s some extra space in my mouth, owing to two wisdom teeth taken out. But that’s not why I’m writing today. I’m writing because I watched a YouTube video. I watched that video with a certain amount of expectation. Within four minutes, it blew away all those expectations. I held my breath, paused the video, dropped a happy tear, and ran to B, to ask him watch it too. I assume you know what vlogging is. Casey Neistat rules vlogging. I have watched his videos once or twice in the last couple of years, was never a fan. But it was just last month, after MKBHD – a guy who normally just reviews cool gadgets – reviewed Casey Neistat’s studio. That video had me floored – I became a fangirl, B became a fanboy, we obsessively watched his videos, and I subsequently put up his […]

day 17/21: superlate

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Last night I watched a godawful movie and got home only by 0200. Today, I had this mildly important project to finish up, for which I was working all day yesterday, and guess what I do? I oversleep till 1030. Anyway, it’s 1440, work’s almost done and I’m not dying of guilt, so it’s a good day after all.

Day 15/21: to fellow aunts and uncles

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Yesterday was a Sunday and the mother of all cheat days. I woke up at 1245 – I didn’t feel like blogging after. Today, I woke up at around 0800. It’s day 15 and I really need to get better. I woke up to messages from home – pictures and videos of my nephews. One just got a baby walker for himself, and another is starting to learn the basics of C programming (he’s turning 9 this month). I thought about how fast they are growing up and how they may someday feel embarrassed to hug me or give me a kiss. I certainly hope that day never comes and they’ll always be my little boys, but that’s unfair. I realised that maybe they look up to me, given the amount of time I spend with them and being the person ‘closest’ to their age, but also grown up. The things […]

Day 13/21: Cheat Day

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Today’s Saturday, so we are very strict about staying in bed at least till 12 noon, and then head for lunch. NO WAKING UP ENERGISED TODAY – EEEEEE. I also have plans for much-needed girl time with AB. Living with a boy and working from home makes me feel very girl-deprived, even though it was just last week that I met I and N.