Day 8/21: Productivity in Lockdowns

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Just realised that I can barely blog once per week. A lockdown eliminates your commute time.But it increases the time you cook and clean. Chores make up most of my time these days. Instead of office chechi making me my tea, I make a weird filter coffee for myself, and even though it doesn’t taste good, it feels good. Instead of making a call to get the room cleaned, we do it together. Been getting my hands dirty (quite literally), and I don’t mind it, because I thrive on productivity. The last year or so, I’ve been trying to come to terms with this. I know I am not alone in this. A lot of us feel horrible when we ‘waste a weekend’ or ‘didn’t do any work today’ I’ve stopped fighting the need to ‘correct’ myself out of this addiction. I’m just trying to get by, and judge myself […]

21 Days of a National Lockdown: Day1/21

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So India is locked down for 21 days, to fight the Corona virus. In general everyone is freaking out. I’m safe, secure and privileged, but I’m freaking out. The uncertainty is nothing short of maddening. A quick run through my hair, and I have a ton of strands in between my fingers. We shouldn’t go out, except for ‘essentials.’ For now, ‘essentials’ means vegetables and biscuits. But my anxious monkey brain doesn’t stop thinking about ‘essentials’ can also mean getting seriously sick and having to go to the hospital in a city without friends or family. I’m in Chennai with B. We’re literally spending every moment of our day together – which is new. I’m not new to remote work, but I definitely am new to working remotely with B. Cooking all meals is also very, very new to me. One of B’s roommates is also around, so we cook […]

a library in the background. the foreground text reads: Day 3/21: No Shame on Your Trash

Day 3/21: No Shame On Your Trash

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Day 3 was better than day 2. Hmmm. I drank a lot of water, I woke up on time, I completed way more work than intended, and I also reached home and made enough time for a walk AND a podcast.  So I’ve lately been listening to the Slate Audio Book Club Podcast, which as the name suggests, is a podcast that discusses one book per 40-50 minute episode. So today, I was listening to their take on The Girl on The Train – a novel by Paula Hawkins,  and New York Times Best Seller, and described as #Unputdownable by yours truly. So here’s my opinion: I absolutely loved the book. Full disclosure, I have this habit of liking any book with female protagonists. (I really can’t remember a good female protagonist of any book I read growing up) That being said, this book has such a gripping plot that […]

Day 2/21: Need for Sleep

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Woke up a little late. But I managed to catch up with the day. Had this conversation with Ar about Sex and the City, and how it probably pioneered female centric movies that dealt with their friendships and relationships (which are still so few in the world), and men who are always one foot out of the frame. Both of us based our opinions on the movies, and not the TV shows, so we could be wrong. Did Carrie Bradshaw own too many things? Would you hold that against her? Let me know. Work was heavy, with little time to finish what I wanted. The day was littered with long, taxing meetings, which eventually ate up into the time I’d left for a walk. It’s during my walk that I listen to podcasts – Day 2 was harder/more tiring than day 1 (obviously)