Day 12/21 : happy new year

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Woke up at 0730, got up at 0815, skipped breakfast and went straight to work. (Something I’m still working on) It is New Year in Kerala (Vishu), so my office is not working today. It is New Year in Tamil Nadu too, but B is still working. I didn’t make any plans for today, therefore I am home working. Its almost 1500 now, and I think I need to get some food. (I need to stop doing this). Btw, I have noticed that if I don’t write my to-do list the night before, in my Bullet Journal, my day feels unproductive and weird.

Day 10/21: consistency is key

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I woke up at 0745 today, and got up from bed at 0815, took a shower, did some stretches (my body was sore from yesterday’s gym), fixed a simple breakfast and am now blogging. The reason why I couldn’t wake up earlier was because I went overkill. Because of my success yesterday, I thought it would be fun to set my alarm at 0616 (one of my options from, which backfired. I woke up to this alarm, but my body wasn’t still ready so I went back to sleep. But the quality of sleep I got after that was quite shitty, so. That’s my excuse. Anyway, lesson learnt. If I want to be consistent, I shouldn’t push my biological clock too much too fast. It’s 1615, and I’m legit tired. My mind is working (which is why I’ve found the motivation to update this), but my body, not so much. […]

Day 9/21: i finally did it!

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Well, well, well. It’s 0745 and I’m already on my desk writing this blog. After YEARS of trying to wake up early, I’ve finally woken up 45-60 minutes earlier than mean time. For anyone who’s wondering what’s different this time that actually made me , from other times: I use sleepytime to set my alarm [This is nothing less than magic] I blog everyday about my progress. (But it’s not like I have commitments to any real people. As of now, I am not sharing these posts through my social media) I publish those posts on Medium as a series (Does it count as social media,though, if I don’t have any followers?) As I finished most of my important work before 1100, I felt the unfamiliarity of productivity in my veins. I was pumped. And what’s the only thing to do when you are pumped? Go to the gym. And it was great! […]

Day 8/21: jan shatabdi

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I don’t know if today counts as a win if I slept at 0100 and woke up at 0515, and slept all the way from Bangalore to Chennai in an uncomfortable chaircar. Yesterday, I went to MUJI, a shop that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while. Basically, it’s a shop that has everything : clothes, bags, containers, cutlery, clocks, scents and what not. It’s a Japanese brand, so it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that all designs are very clean and minimal. Even their ad is so no-nonsense. This would be a nice moment to say that if you want to buy me gifts, please get me some stationery, and I will be extremely grateful and will think of you whenever I use them.

Day 6/21: all-nighter and turkish delight

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Woke up at 0945 today, but that’s ok because I just reached Bangalore last night and was roaming (read: flying) aimlessly with N around IISC till four in the morning, exploring all dark alleys that “those idiots” from horror movies curiously walk into. We even sat under a statue, savouring the grandeur of a Victorian building in the moonlight, while something growled at us from behind the concrete. But did that stop us from flying around? Well. We’re waiting for Rasgullas and Turkish Delight from Swiggy. I fucking love Bangalore – selling Turkish Delight for 150 rupees? I still remember the first time I had a Turkish Delight. My grandmother had just returned after Hajj, and she had bought some from there. I later realised that it’s not really available anywhere near where I lived. This denial of easy availability, and luxuriousness (they are really pricey) combined with the reference in The […]

Day 5/21: real progress

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I slept quite late yesterday – at three in the morning. But I woke up at 0755, lazed around, and got up at 0825. A good one hour before my normal productive timing. So far, there has been only one trick to help me wake up: This magical website tells me when I should set the alarm, based on the time I go to sleep. And if you are woken up by an alarm at these times, you wake up well-rested and don’t feel murdersome. The idea is this: Humans feel like shit if they wake up in between one of their sleep cycles, and a good night’s sleep consists of 5-6 sleep cycles. Even so, if you skip one or two of these cycles, and plan to wake up outside of your third or fourth cycle, you won’t feel as tired as you normally do. This works wonders, at least […]

Day 4/21: zuckerberg is being so extra, it’s cute

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I woke up 30-60 minutes early today (at 0755, 0830 and finally at 0900) and didn’t skip breakfast before getting to work. YASS! So right now, the internet is abuzz with the onslaught of “Stories”. It’s really cute how Zuckerberg is going extra with the stories, and it’s so comically pointing to the fact that he’s showing the middle finger to Snapchat, who didn’t accept his $3 billion offer. Anyway, Stories are everywhere right now (Instagram, Whatsapp and FB Messenger) and even though I’m trying to keep an open mind with my 90’s-cynicism, I find it slightly irritating. However, the only place where I find this beautifully done is Medium. Medium is the last one to get on this bandwagon, and they’ve really done a good job in flowing with the tide. They’re calling their stories, “Series.” It lets you publish your articles in different parts at different times, and the […]

Day 3/21: Three’s a charm; Interview Day

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I woke up at 9:30, and went straight to work. I watched a Gary Vaynerchuck video to help kickstart the day. I had three longs interviews today, one that went over 2.5 hours and squeezed a quick lunch in between – thank God for Swiggy. Interviewing is something I don’t really enjoy because I am forced to judge a person without knowing anything substantial. But it’s not like I can vet a person for months before offering them a job, so I have no choice. You know what’s worse than interviews? Shortlisting resumes. We’ve all read these articles about how companies instantly reject resumes when they see a spelling error, and it made sense to me back then. Now I’m like WTF?! What if it’s some genius who just made an unfortunate typo. Yes, I notice the typo (I was a professional Grammar Nazi for the first two years of my career) and cringe, […]

Day 2/21 : Try Again, Also Mangoes <3

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I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Even though I woke up before 7, and once before 8, I went back to sleep and finally woke up at 9:30. Sleeplessness made my body ache and I couldn’t go to the gym (like I’d planned last night) But that’s okay. It’s summer and I will not think twice before buying mango milkshakes. A mango milkshake in Phoenix Mall costs fucking Rs. 160. For what? I will never know. I had two of them tonight, instead of main course. I will not feel bad about it Anyway, it’s done a good job of making me drowsy. So I’ll sleep well and wake up early tomorrow.