Personal DJs are a Luxury Commodity

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Before Get towel and fresh clothes – 1 min Create perfect playlist apt for your mood – 20 min Rinse, lather – 5 min Repeat until playlist is over – 30 min Towel dry and run to warm place for self-preservation – 4 min I love a good playlist for a warm shower, but we all know how nerve-wracking it is to create one (No? Just me? Ok). During my showers, I’ve found that almost always, I was longing for ‘that other song’ that I liked exactly 13% more than the one that was currently playing, both of which, by the way, had been meticulously added by me to my custom-made shower playlist. I then started creating a new playlist for each shower, but it STILL didn’t work because apparently, I can never predict which song I would long for. Also, most showers hardly last 15 minutes so that’s like […]

day 6/21: saying goodbye

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Days 4 and 5 went really well – much meetings, much calls, much striking off from the to-do list, except for the fact that I couldn’t find the time to update my series here. (Which means my time management and priority setting skills are still not levelled up) Today is a Saturday, and so far I’ve really had a stressful time – my nephews were creating a racket, I couldn’t take a shower, and I booked 5 tatkal tickets on IRCTC (Anyone who’s ever booked tatkal tickets know what I mean) Where am I going? Well, later this month, I’m travelling overseas, so I have to say goodbye to a few relatives. It’s going to be a very long trip, starting tonight and ending day after tomorrow. Wish me luck. Anyhow, I need to get back to my senses, stop being stressed out, take a shower, pack, order some work […]

Day 2/21: Need for Sleep

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Woke up a little late. But I managed to catch up with the day. Had this conversation with Ar about Sex and the City, and how it probably pioneered female centric movies that dealt with their friendships and relationships (which are still so few in the world), and men who are always one foot out of the frame. Both of us based our opinions on the movies, and not the TV shows, so we could be wrong. Did Carrie Bradshaw own too many things? Would you hold that against her? Let me know. Work was heavy, with little time to finish what I wanted. The day was littered with long, taxing meetings, which eventually ate up into the time I’d left for a walk. It’s during my walk that I listen to podcasts – Day 2 was harder/more tiring than day 1 (obviously)

image of an aged book and pen, with the title: 'day 1/21: a kickstart to productivity'

Day 1/21: A Kickstart to Productivity

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With the raging success of my 21DaysofMornings, I thought I’d restart this series. To the uninitiated, here’s a recap: So you know what they say – do something for 21 days straight and it becomes a habit? Well I tried that with waking up early, and it kinda sorta worked. It’s November 2017, and I don’t oversleep anymore. So this time, I thought of restarting it with the aim of becoming more productive every day. My goal? To make each day as productive as possible. For the purposes of this experiment, I’ll define ‘productivity’ as : doing things and having something to show for it. So for instance, if it’s related to work, I’m not productive if I just sit and research something. I need some sort of update for my team – like a presentation, or an e-mail, or just a message. If it’s related to hobbies, I’m not […]

How to Read Shakespeare – When You’re Not a Student and Your Job Doesn’t Require It

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The good thing about age-old classics, is that there are a ton of resources to go along with it – analyses, plays, movie and movie adaptations – so  many takes on the same bloody thing! And if there’s something I enjoy, it is the analysis of any form of art. I’m not a big fan of classics, mainly because of the general difficulty in understanding the language. However, in the recent past, there have been too many instances where I’ve been recommended classics, that I can’t ignore it anymore. (For example, To Kill a Mockingbird) I thought I’d start with Shakespeare – someone who’s not all that unfamiliar, thanks to CBSE. A quick Google search gave me the best way to read it, and I think this needs to be shared with the rest of the world. Hence this post. Read this Quora Answer, which nicely instructs you how to […]

Why do B.Tech Courses Need Seminars?

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I once interviewed as a Technical Writer for a startup in Kerala – I was just 1 job old, and very nervous. As you might have understood already, this job doesn’t require one to have a B.Tech degree, and, like most people in India, I was also an accidental ‘engineer’. (This word is highly misused. Passing Degree != Being Engineer) So this interview panel consisted of three men. The first part of the interview went really well – I had decent work experience and could answer all their questions. However, the interview went really, really long, and as is the case of long interviews, it went haywire. I think they ran out of questions after a point, as it was probably the first time they were interviewing a tech writer. They started asking me about the thing I knew least – Electronics and Communication. I was flustered. There I was, explaining […]


How to Hack Your Will Power

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My Story with Will Power My whole life, I’d been a couch potato who watched/read multiple movies/books per day. We never had sports in school because of sexist school rules (long story for later), and college was more or less the same. I followed this lifestyle as a working woman too. Owing to work and general laziness, I had been eating restaurant food almost every other day. Until a few months back, when I joined the gym. Within a few weeks, I was eating clean continuously for a few days at a time! (WHAT).  Not one sugary or junk food for a few whole days. What the actual fuck?! Was this actually me?! After much deep thought, I came to this genius conclusion: I was so into my work out routine that I didn’t want to set myself back by eating junk. It was all me! “It is all my hard work at the […]