150, yo!

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Well hello, everyone. So, my previous post got 150 shares on Facebook, which is a number that I am NOT used to! (And only 5 of those are my friends, okay? Okay? Okay?) I promise I’ll give you deets about all my meetings with Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber and Dhanush and PSY. Thanks for giving me so much attention for copy-pasting a bunch of URLs. Youguys are cool. As they say, a GIF speaks a thousand to the power of thousand words. I’m so tempted to put a reaction GIF right here, but wouldn’t that be overkill?

My academic life in GIFs

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I hold a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Here’s how it happened. 1. Every evening,after class.     2.Every day, during class.   3. When someone tries to tell you that gpa doesn’t matter.    4. By the end of the semester, you realize :    5. Timetable’s out : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.   6. When someone reminds you about the Uni exams during study holidays.    7. Yet you somehow manage to sit to study, but after 10 minutes :   8. So you make a study group.   9. Someone agrees to teach you that Part-B “sure question.”   10. When an exam gets postponed, because of some Athletic Meet you haven’t even heard of.   11. When an exam does not get postponed even though you heard of some Athletic Meet which clashed with the exam dates.     12. The day before […]

I've done my sentence, but committed no crime

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Yet another feel good, coming of age teen movie,about a bunch of kids who graduate from high school. Im 21 and I’ve reached the next level – graduation of college. And I feel no contrast between them and me. #SameGuy Still confused, still young, still optimistic and very, very expectant. Right now I have this not-so-sudden realization about the wastage of 4 whole years, and the very-sudden realization that I’ve changed so.very.much from the day I walked into these red/pink/redpink buildings in 2009. I will not miss this place. I don’t look down upon or disrespect fellow beings who feel differently either. I don’t want to delve into details about the useless stuff that I did, or the hobbies that I stopped indulging in, or about the friends I made, the friends I wish studied with me, the times I laughed, the amount of coffee I drank in 2nd year […]

Of spellings and mistakes.

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Frn. That’s how my 5-year-old nephew spells my name. He hasn’t yet understood the concept of vowels. When I was his age, his mother (my sister), fed me lunch, told me stories, and taught me the alphabet. In return, I borrowed, without permission of course, the contents of her Oxford instrument box. Gave her a nice surprise during Maths period, I’m sure. I also poured my thoughts (read : scribbled from end to end without taking the pencil off the paper, hence forming a seamless and abstract work of art) in her record book. I’m making up to her by taking care of her two boys. The 5yo that I mentioned earlier and another one who’s turning 3 this week. They keep me busy every minute of every day they’re at my place. Fair warning : I am obsessed with my three nephews(there’s another one that I haven’t mentioned here) […]