Day 2/21: Need for Sleep

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Woke up a little late. But I managed to catch up with the day. Had this conversation with Ar about Sex and the City, and how it probably pioneered female centric movies that dealt with their friendships and relationships (which are still so few in the world), and men who are always one foot out of the frame. Both of us based our opinions on the movies, and not the TV shows, so we could be wrong. Did Carrie Bradshaw own too many things? Would you hold that against her? Let me know. Work was heavy, with little time to finish what I wanted. The day was littered with long, taxing meetings, which eventually ate up into the time I’d left for a walk. It’s during my walk that I listen to podcasts – Day 2 was harder/more tiring than day 1 (obviously)

image of an aged book and pen, with the title: 'day 1/21: a kickstart to productivity'

Day 1/21: A Kickstart to Productivity

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With the raging success of my 21DaysofMornings, I thought I’d restart this series. To the uninitiated, here’s a recap: So you know what they say – do something for 21 days straight and it becomes a habit? Well I tried that with waking up early, and it kinda sorta worked. It’s November 2017, and I don’t oversleep anymore. So this time, I thought of restarting it with the aim of becoming more productive every day. My goal? To make each day as productive as possible. For the purposes of this experiment, I’ll define ‘productivity’ as : doing things and having something to show for it. So for instance, if it’s related to work, I’m not productive if I just sit and research something. I need some sort of update for my team – like a presentation, or an e-mail, or just a message. If it’s related to hobbies, I’m not […]

Day 10/21: consistency is key

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I woke up at 0745 today, and got up from bed at 0815, took a shower, did some stretches (my body was sore from yesterday’s gym), fixed a simple breakfast and am now blogging. The reason why I couldn’t wake up earlier was because I went overkill. Because of my success yesterday, I thought it would be fun to set my alarm at 0616 (one of my options from, which backfired. I woke up to this alarm, but my body wasn’t still ready so I went back to sleep. But the quality of sleep I got after that was quite shitty, so. That’s my excuse. Anyway, lesson learnt. If I want to be consistent, I shouldn’t push my biological clock too much too fast. It’s 1615, and I’m legit tired. My mind is working (which is why I’ve found the motivation to update this), but my body, not so much. […]

Day 9/21: i finally did it!

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Well, well, well. It’s 0745 and I’m already on my desk writing this blog. After YEARS of trying to wake up early, I’ve finally woken up 45-60 minutes earlier than mean time. For anyone who’s wondering what’s different this time that actually made me , from other times: I use sleepytime to set my alarm [This is nothing less than magic] I blog everyday about my progress. (But it’s not like I have commitments to any real people. As of now, I am not sharing these posts through my social media) I publish those posts on Medium as a series (Does it count as social media,though, if I don’t have any followers?) As I finished most of my important work before 1100, I felt the unfamiliarity of productivity in my veins. I was pumped. And what’s the only thing to do when you are pumped? Go to the gym. And it was great! […]


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I have been craaaaaaazy-busy the past few weeks. Doing what, you ask? Procrastinating. Watching Breaking Bad (which deserves a whole post to itself). Doing nothing about having to move out of my house. Doing nothing about having to move my blog to my new domain : *drumrolls* [You get it, you get it?] Stalking people on Facebook. Being blissfully ignorant about the goings-on(rather the lack of it) on my wordpress account. Listening to : Bryan Adams (One day I’ll make it to your concert. Till then, please don’t retire.), and Kumar Sanu (You’re too young to read this blog if you don’t know who he is), and Michael Jackson + MG Sreekumar(not a fan of either, but I absolutely love these Thaikkudam Bridge covers). and Spice Girls (My power stop. I still know all the lyrics. Isn’t it ironic that Victoria Beckham is the least important/interesting person in such a happening video as […]