How to do Content Marketing Day 1/21: A Challenge

text that says "day 1/21: goals& rules" there are two pencils in the background

It’s the second half of 2019, and I’m attempting to do another 21-day challenge. I write a small piece about how to do content marketing to get over my writer’s block. The last time I did this, I successfully changed from a night owl to a morning person. July is already a challenging month, which is why I am super-keen on documenting it. This time, to make things a little easier, I’m going to write about work. So this is going to be a content marketing challenge.

I am a marketer by profession and I get paid to create content. However, for the love of God, I cannot do it for myself and my website. As if fananafry.com is too precious to be marred by my horrible writing. As if I’m doing a disservice to the person who made this website six years ago. As if my avoidance of writing means that I’m not worthy enough to even try again. Who made all these rules, I wonder?

Dreadful as it is, here goes. I’m attempting to write.


There is only one rule. I need to write something – no word count (I make the rules. Sue me). And it needs to allude to content marketing in some way, shape or form. I’ll try to forget that I attempted this once before, but failed. It’s fine, people fail all the time. I need to forgive myself, too.


The goal is to write every day for 21 consecutive days, without worrying about being perfect. It will not be – neither is it supposed to be – perfect.

Today, I also decided that I should actively try to ‘catch’ as many positive vibes as I can. I guess that’s also something I want to achieve as I emerge from the other side of this challenge – a person who acknowledges the positivity as much as the negativity in life.