Day 1/21: A Kickstart to Productivity

image of an aged book and pen, with the title: 'day 1/21: a kickstart to productivity'

With the raging success of my 21DaysofMornings, I thought I’d restart this series.

To the uninitiated, here’s a recap: So you know what they say – do something for 21 days straight and it becomes a habit? Well I tried that with waking up early, and it kinda sorta worked. It’s November 2017, and I don’t oversleep anymore.

So this time, I thought of restarting it with the aim of becoming more productive every day.

My goal?

To make each day as productive as possible.

For the purposes of this experiment, I’ll define ‘productivity’ as : doing things and having something to show for it.

So for instance, if it’s related to work, I’m not productive if I just sit and research something. I need some sort of update for my team – like a presentation, or an e-mail, or just a message.
If it’s related to hobbies, I’m not productive if I just watch a video, I need to write about it in my journal (or this blog).
If it’s related to Netflix, I’m not productive if I just watch an episode, I need to make sure that I watched a good one that expanded my mind. Or if it is mindless watching that I want, I need to watch it completely mindlessly, without checking my phone during the show. (Who made these rules? I did)

Basically – level up on everything I do, even if it is lazing around.

Day 1 was really good (obviously). I did some work, sent some e-mails, asked for updates, checked up with family, went for a walk, listened to a podcast,  and decided to document this here.

This is such a lazy post, and I really wish I had something more magical/motivating to write about. But yea, that’s it.

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