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Day 15/21: to fellow aunts and uncles

Yesterday was a Sunday and the mother of all cheat days. I woke up at 1245 – I didn’t feel like blogging after.

Today, I woke up at around 0800. It’s day 15 and I really need to get better.

I woke up to messages from home – pictures and videos of my nephews. One just got a baby walker for himself, and another is starting to learn the basics of C programming (he’s turning 9 this month). I thought about how fast they are growing up and how they may someday feel embarrassed to hug me or give me a kiss. I certainly hope that day never comes and they’ll always be my little boys, but that’s unfair. I realised that maybe they look up to me, given the amount of time I spend with them and being the person ‘closest’ to their age, but also grown up. The things I do with them/for them will consciously or sub consciously affect their world view and belief systems. It made me want to become a better person.

Anyone who has nephews/nieces would understand this, I think. Couldn’t you just do anything for them? This is what they give you in return for that – a particular sense of awe, which you think you don’t deserve, but want to.
Anyone who wants to make you become a better person is someone you need in your life.

Soon your nephews/nieces are going to become angsty teenagers and 20 year olds (No, angst doesn’t magically die at 20). They won’t be so cute anymore. Their voices will change. They will spend even lesser time with you, what with school and friends. What will remain of your relationship, will be the memories in their young, formative and innocent minds. Make those memories matter.

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