Day 2/21: Need for Sleep

Woke up a little late.
But I managed to catch up with the day.

Had this conversation with Ar about Sex and the City, and how it probably pioneered female centric movies that dealt with their friendships and relationships (which are still so few in the world), and men who are always one foot out of the frame. Both of us based our opinions on the movies, and not the TV shows, so we could be wrong.
Did Carrie Bradshaw own too many things? Would you hold that against her? Let me know.

Work was heavy, with little time to finish what I wanted. The day was littered with long, taxing meetings, which eventually ate up into the time I’d left for a walk. It’s during my walk that I listen to podcasts –

Day 2 was harder/more tiring than day 1 (obviously)

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