Day 3/21: No Shame On Your Trash

a library in the background. the foreground text reads: Day 3/21: No Shame on Your Trash

Day 3 was better than day 2. Hmmm.

I drank a lot of water, I woke up on time, I completed way more work than intended, and I also reached home and made enough time for a walk AND a podcast. 

So I’ve lately been listening to the Slate Audio Book Club Podcast, which as the name suggests, is a podcast that discusses one book per 40-50 minute episode. So today, I was listening to their take on The Girl on The Train – a novel by Paula Hawkins,  and New York Times Best Seller, and described as #Unputdownable by yours truly.

So here’s my opinion: I absolutely loved the book. Full disclosure, I have this habit of liking any book with female protagonists. (I really can’t remember a good female protagonist of any book I read growing up) That being said, this book has such a gripping plot that I couldn’t keep it away without knowing the truth behind the story. And I don’t even like thrillers!

Now here’s the Podcast’s opinion: The hosts of the show feel that the book has a lot of cliches and they wouldn’t really recommend it – there are a lot of other thrillers with stronger protagonists that are worth your time. I was disappointed, to say the least, because I couldn’t catch any of the cliches or vapid metaphors Paula Hawkins used throughout the book (Then again, I didn’t read or re-read it for a podcast). I got sucked into the plot, while ignoring the novel’s flaws. Listening to this podcast, I wished I had read more books to snobbishly say ‘Meh. I’m not gonna fall for this.’

Which brings me to another podcast that I watched recently – which is also my favourite podcast EVER – Books on Toast by Anuya and Sharin. Their latest episode has them with novelist Manu Joseph, talking about books that they grew up with. He starts the whole discussion, by saying

I’m never ashamed of the trash that I started reading

So yeah, Manu Joseph approves that I enjoyed the fuck out of The Girl on The Train, despite its hackneyed phrases and seemingly unrelated book title. I will not beat myself up for not knowing better, and I will be happy knowing that during a random weekend in 2015, a period when I was not reading any books at all, this book glued me to my bed until I finished reading it.

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