Day 8/21: Productivity in Lockdowns

Just realised that I can barely blog once per week.

A lockdown eliminates your commute time.
But it increases the time you cook and clean. Chores make up most of my time these days. Instead of office chechi making me my tea, I make a weird filter coffee for myself, and even though it doesn’t taste good, it feels good. Instead of making a call to get the room cleaned, we do it together.

Been getting my hands dirty (quite literally), and I don’t mind it, because I thrive on productivity.

The last year or so, I’ve been trying to come to terms with this. I know I am not alone in this. A lot of us feel horrible when we ‘waste a weekend’ or ‘didn’t do any work today’

I’ve stopped fighting the need to ‘correct’ myself out of this addiction. I’m just trying to get by, and judge myself a little less for resting, feeling bad about resting, or feeling good about working. There’s no winning, so as long as I get by each sunset and sunrise, I am content.

But of course, I’m learning a lot more – reading a lot more articles, listening to a lot more work-related podcasts, finding more music, and doing more chores. I won’t judge myself for it. That’s just me.

Maybe some day I will write more about this (I probably won’t). But if you want to talk about productivity, and feeling good/bad about productivity, hit me up.

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