How to do Content Marketing Day 7/21

This is part of a 21 day challenge where I write a small piece about how to do content marketing to get over my writer’s block.

Some personal news: My parents are visiting me in the UK this month, and I couldn’t be more excited! It has been my lifelong dream to take them on a vacation.

I’ve been meticulously planning a trip to London. In my feat to plan a decent itinerary that does not tire us out, I found a really good YouTube channel: Love and London, a channel dedicated to giving tips and guidelines to tourists in London .

A screenshot of a YouTube channel called 'Love and London'
The YouTube channel has the image of a young caucasian woman standing in front of a building. The text over the image says "Experiencne London Like a Local"

Content Marketing Lessons: Picking a Niche

First things first, her YouTube channel is in the nichest of niches. I’ve seen tons of travel vloggers who visit different countries and cities, dishing out pretty useful travel advice – in general, and about the numerous places that they visit.

But Jess from Love and London is different. She has carved a very specific niche for herself.

While I was searching for information about London, as I saw more and more of her face, and got familiar with the name of her channel, I realised that she is the best expert on all things London.

How did I come to this conclusion? Unlike other random travel vloggers, she had hundreds of videos focussed entirely on London. If someone has made so many videos about London, as a tourist, I’ll definitely go to her channel. Because, hey, it’s deets about London that I want! And her channel provides just that, without distracting me with details about Scotland or Wales or Europe or India. As a consumer, I had hit gold.

Remember positioning? In the book This is Marketing by Seth Godin, he mentions that we should always try to position ourselves on the edge, and serve the smallest viable audience. The smaller our niche, the easier it is to get customers.

It's tempting to pick the ones that most people care about. 
After all, it's hard work to claim an edge, and to pick one that few people care about seems foolish.
Better, we think, to pick the popular one.
If you do, you'll certainly be choosing a crowded quadrant.
The alternative is to build your own quadrant.
To build a story, a true story, that keeps your promise, that puts you in a position where you are
the clear and obvious choice

Jess has done this really well for herself! She could’ve positioned herself as ‘Love and UK’ or ‘Love and Europe’ or hell, ‘Love and Travelling.’ She didn’t! She smartly chose London, the city that she loves so much, and put all her energy into describing the tiniest aspect of it in detail, for anyone who wants to visit.

Results of Positioning

Over the last six years, Jess has made:

  • 150+ videos
  • 100000+ subscribers
  • 12M+ views

This is what content marketing really is: putting out free content for the audience that is both specific and valuable. The audience will respond generously.

How to Make Money on YouTube through Content Marketing

Of course, content creators like Jess need to make money. As we all know, YouTubers make money based on how many people viewed their videod (or to be more clear the ads in their videos). This is Love and London’s estimated earnings as per the Influencer Marketing Hub

How Content Marketing Generates Revenue

Another source of income for Jess is, of course, by selling services to tourists in London.

“Wait, aren’t all her YouTube videos free?”

Yes, all her content on her YouTube channel is entirely free of charge. However, by positioning herself as an expert in touring London, she has a trusting audience who will be ready to pay for other services from her. Her official website provides two more attractive paid deals for London tourists

Photoshoots in and around beautiful London landmarks – £115 – £315

A 90+ page 3-day London itinerary – £59

You don’t need to be a globetrotter to make money out of your travel vlogs. You can make money by living in just one city!

  1. Pick a city
  2. Find out the history, heritage, trivia about the city
  3. Publish this information through a YouTube channel and a website
  4. Give it all for free – be generous!
  5. Build an audience – be patient!
    By this time, you’ll slowly start making money on YouTube
  6. Offer some paid products or services to your audience through your website
    Make some more money
  7. Keep publishing free content on your YouTube and blog.

Remember that not all your audience will buy your paid services – and that is completely normal. As long as you give value, you will find more and more people who come looking for your services!

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