Personal DJs are a Luxury Commodity


  1. Get towel and fresh clothes – 1 min
  2. Create perfect playlist apt for your mood – 20 min
  3. Rinse, lather – 5 min
  4. Repeat until playlist is over – 30 min
  5. Towel dry and run to warm place for self-preservation – 4 min

I love a good playlist for a warm shower, but we all know how nerve-wracking it is to create one (No? Just me? Ok). During my showers, I’ve found that almost always, I was longing for ‘that other song’ that I liked exactly 13% more than the one that was currently playing, both of which, by the way, had been meticulously added by me to my custom-made shower playlist. I then started creating a new playlist for each shower, but it STILL didn’t work because apparently, I can never predict which song I would long for. Also, most showers hardly last 15 minutes so that’s like three songs. And I really can’t afford to waste time not enjoying my shower songs – because that’s how showers work, okay? Also, I obviously cannot take my phone into the shower and skip songs myself because my phone’s not waterproof, forcing me to pause a good warm shower, get out, dry my hands, take my phone, skip to the next good song, and repeat it all over again. (BTW even the best waterproof phones are not safe against flowing water and soap so ~we do not have ze technologie for zis yet~)

Enter Spotify. B and I share the same Spotify account. This has the obvious disadvantage that at any given point of time, only one of us can use it. However, this also means that one person’s phone can be used to control the music on the other person’s phone. It’s very amusing because I can be anywhere I want and control the music he listens to as he drives to work and can’t reach his phone. But recently, I’ve found a better use for it – to make B play my favourite songs, on my phone, from his room, while I shower without worrying whether my fickle-minded self will like the next song or not. (It’s pretty genius if you think about it, no?)


  1. Get towel and fresh clothes – 1 min
  2. Choose one song that’s apt for your mood – 5 min
  3. Rinse, lather – 5 min
  4. Repeat until your fingers get wrinkly, all the while screaming at your partner in the other room to “chaaaange this soooong” – 50 min
  5. Towel dry and run to warm place for self-preservation – 4 min

Anyway, so this is how B became my personal shower DJ. I guess this comes somewhere in the list of advantages of living with your partner.

PS: I also know that I could use a bluetooth speaker instead of Spotify. I should inform you that I do not own a bluetooth speaker that is louder than my phone. (Do you like how I framed it as if I own an extraordinary phone, and not as if my speaker is cheap, therefore automatically better than any phone in the world? Me too)

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