Simon Sinek – What Is Wrong With Millenials?

Simon Sinek's interview about the Millenial Question

Have you watched this truly amazing talk by Simon Sinek?
He speaks about the general behaviour of millenials, and he is ON POINT.

Before proceeding any further,let me clarify that I am a millenial, I love being a millenial, and I will support our tribe against anyone from any generation who tries to belittle us (Go fix the economy first, oldie). Owning a smartphone and being connected to the internet at all times doesn’t make us dumb or narcissistic.

However, I will also admit that we are fucked up and far more depressed than previous generations. Among many things, this video struck a chord when Sinek says this: Millenials have grown up in a world of instant gratification.

We get everything instantly – technology has ensured that we don’t need to wait for things we want.

  • you don’t need to check movie times to catch a movie
  • you don’t need to wait week-to-week to catch your favourite TV show
  • you don’t need to know to talk to a person, to get a date
  • you don’t need to walk down to the road and wait, to catch a cab
  • what’s that song? YouTube it.
  • what’s the spelling? Autocorrect it.
  • What’s the address? Google it.

HOWEVER, Simon says, there are some things that do not happen instantly –

With the advent of technology, impatience is ingrained in all of us. We are spoilt with getting things fast, and we’re used to this speed, this convenience, this low-grade exhilaration of getting results from doing almost nothing. We can no longer wait for our jobs to feel fulfilling and satisfying, we can no longer wait for our relationships to be exactly the way that we want them to be. But that’s not how it works at all.

Job satisfaction and strength of relationships are slow, meandering, uncomfortable, messy processes.

And we need to remember this at all points of life, especially in work. I’m yet to see hard work being glorified as much as ‘smart work,’ these days.

And I’m beginning to realise that, to find real joy, you should put in hard work and have patience. Hard work doesn’t mean shit unless you’re willing to wait – you won’t be instantly gratified.

And if anything, this makes me intensely happy. I feel secure in knowing that I still have time to achieve all the things that I thought I would have achieved by now – a little more under control of the chaos that surrounds life. Here’s to greater relationships, jobs and joy :)

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